There is more to facial ageing than just wrinkles. Knowing what is happening to your face is the first step towards slowing this process down. It's not all about freezing and over filling faces. Subtle changes can have a global impact on the way you look and feel. Your Chronological age really has limited meaning when assessing your visual appearance. Your genes, where you grew up, your diet, stress levels, exercise, sun exposure, smoking and alcohol habits all have major impact on your appearance. Fine lines & wrinkles, facial shape and volume, contours and facial flow combined with skin colour and texture all play significant roles in a youthful look. Its not about looking 20 when your 50, its all about you looking and feeling your best. If you're interested please book a seat by calling Josie at the Clinic on 55764066, email Dannielle at or respond to this Invite. Look forward to seeing you there.


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