As nurses and clinical professionals, we focus on individual treatments, however we know that with so many options out there, it can be confusing knowing what is right for you.

This page is about YOU, focusing on the problems that we hear from YOU every day. Here it is, very simply, addressing your skin concerns and how we will work with you to achieve the result that you want.

On this page we cover both education and our preferred treatments for the things we hear from you:




Our first step in working with you, will be a consultation. What we do during the consult is take your medical history so that when we discuss treatment options, we are choosing treatments that are going to be appropriate for you based on your lifestyle, based on your medical history and based on your skin type. This is so you not only get the result you want, but it is also going to be safe –by limiting risk and potential complications.

Consultations are usually between 30 - 60 min depending on the issue. A 30-min consultation will be just coming in to talk about your skin and what options you have in regards to treatment. Another example of a 30min consultation could be talking about injectables and we would discuss what those options are, what issues that person particularly and educating you on exactly what they are; this conversation is important because they are scheduled a drug and a consent needs to be signed for the treatment. A 60 min consultation would be a combination of injectables and skin.

30 min - $55
1 hour - $110
**whatever treatment the client chooses from the recommendations, the consultation cost is redeemable back against those treatments!

Cosmetic injections are prescription drugs and we have doctors that works with us, for the prescription. During your consultation, one of the Doctors join us and prescribe whatever you have chosen in conjunction with the nurse. The doctor will also prescribe your schedule for cosmetic injections that will last for a year.

The overall advantage is that when you come in and think that all you need is a little bit of muscle relaxant, all you need is a little bit of filler, when you come in and you see a trained nurse in skin and not just in cosmetic injections, we assess your skin as well. We don't just treat wrinkles- we treat the skin. To us, it is a waste of your time and money, to get rid of a wrinkle if you've got a face full of sun damage. You might be concerned about the wrinkle but what is really aging you is the sun damage – and that’s something that we can also treat. All those things will be addressed with you in the consult so that you see the holistic value of improving your skin. We encourage our clients to treat more than just one thing; we treat the entire person. This will ensure that you are not only getting the best result, but also both saving your money and ensuring that the treatment you choose, is money well spent.




All of our skin care advise is based on the current science. It can be confusing as a consumer to figure out what is marketing and what is science because it is not regulated. As nurses we are taught to follow the science; we do exactly the same with skin care. If you come to me with a problem and we know your skin type, we know that certain ingredients will help you. Our products are designed by me, and made by our pharmacist in Brisbane. We have a very clear philosophy about clean science and good products. There are no parabens, no preservatives, no color and no fragrance; it is a very basic range of high quality ingredients that follows the science to help people if they cannot find the product anywhere else.



What causes blotchy skin?
Depends on whether you are looking at blotchy skin being redness, which is mostly what it is or whether it is brown markings. For red blotchiness it is typically sun damage; one of the repercussions of long term sun damage on skin is redness. When you look at your skin under a magnifying glass it is usually dilated capillaries at the very surface of the skin or it can be very early sign of rosacea.

How can I treat blotchy red skin?
If it is from rosacea I would recommend Klereskabecause that received an indication for rosacea in the EU. I would usually recommend Klereskaand a skin care course and potentially some injectables.If it is red blotchiness because of sun damage, we have other choices. It could beKlereska, IPL, Clear and Brilliant original or skin needling and this is what we would discuss and recommend through the consultation.



What causes the brown pigment spots on my face?
There are two different brown pigments that you get on your face. The first one is sun damage- easier to treat. The second type is malasma which is hormonal, some women will experience this around pregnancy. It can form a butterfly mask, and some people get the spots over the upper lip, a circle patch in between your eyebrows or the middle of your forehead or you can get two patches in the lateral part of the forehead above the eyebrows or underneath your eyes. They also come in larger patches if it is malasma. If it is sun damage it is usually large freckles and sun spots. True freckles tend to fade as we grow older but sun spots get bigger and darker as we age and grow older.

How can I treat Brown Spots and Pigment?
I recommend Permea which is a Clear and Brilliant laser for treating pigment and depending on the color of your skin and the amount of sun damage that exists we do one to three treatments. If it is just little spots here and there we may do IPL spot treatment, unless the skin is more olive in its nature then IPL spot treatment is not really recommended. You also have an option of Cryopen which I recommend for people with fairer complexions and it is the same type of treatment that doctors do to remove sun spots and skin cancers. You would need anywhere between 1 to 3 treatments to remove the spots, depending on how much damage is there and where that damage is. Medications that you take will also affect the treatment, along with your skin type and colour, and your lifestyle. Our consultation will help you make the decisions that are right for you and your lifestyle.



Pimples can range from typical teenage pimples to women with hormonal issues that can surface at peri menopause or menopause. There could pre-existing and long term or it may be a new problem because you have stopped taking the pill or had a child and that sets your hormones off. Typically hormonal acne is on your chin or your jaw or your upper neck.

For adult acne, the longer term active acne condition, it is chronic acne which progressed from the teenage years into adulthood and usually it changes form around 19-21 years old. This presents in women on cheeks, the chin the jaw and upper neck and it is inflammatory like blind pimples that can be painful and sore. They cause scarring and have potential connection to undiagnosed polycystic ovary disease or endometriosis as there is a very strong hormonal component to it- that it is why it can be called Hormonal Acne.

What is the treatment for pimples and acne?
There are two main treatments. The first isKleresca, which can be used when there are only getting a few patches. That would treat the acne and rejuvenate the skin at the same time, reducng any redness and improving scarring (if any). For hormonal acne, I would most likely recommend the Isolace treatment course which is one treatment a week for four weeks using a blue light device which has vacuum in it. This allows us to get the blue light deep into the skin and it usually gets the result after four treatments, with the appropriate home care. If it is really severe the recommended treatment is Klereska;anywhere from 6-12 treatments depending on the severity of the acne and the scarring. For acne I would need to see the skin and it is why we recommend the consult.



I have a lot of women coming into me as they get older thinking that the pores on their nose or on the wings of their nose on their chin and in between their eyebrows are blackheads; they are not. They are enlarged pores. The pore is just a hair follicle and the hair follicle is kept nice and tight with collagen and as we get older that collagen breaks down and the pore begins to sag. Anything that builds collagen will help improve pore size.

What is the treatment for Big Pores?
The Klereskarejuvenation has shown in clinical studies to improve pore size. Both the Clear and Brilliant both the Permea laser treatments improve pore size, as will skin needling. All of those treatments has been shown in studies to improve pore size but in the end anything that you do that builds collagen in the area will improve pore size.



We see this a lot, we see it first around your eyes and your neck because that skin is thinner and as the years go on it becomes more apparent on the rest of your face. In our consult, we discuss home care because what you are doing every day is crucial for maintenance.

How can I treat thin and crepey skin?
The two main things I recommend for crepey skin are PRP which is Platelet Rich Plasma where we take your blood, we remove the red blood cells and then reinject it back into your skin to give it a big dump of your own growth factors. This stimulates collagen production and feeds your cells to make collagen. We can do that via injection or some people prefer it as skin needling treatment. Injection is more effective.

The other treatment I use is Thermage, it is a great tool for crepey skin because it thickens the skin all the way through the entire skin surface. The superficial part of the skin but all the way down to the deep fat packs of the skin and the branches that holds the layers of the skin to the muscle can begin to sag as time goes on and so it helps strengthens those and thickens the skin all the way through, therefore improving crepey-ness. This is longer term and can last for up to two years.

Generally, the treatments that take a little longer to get results will always last much longer. Anything that works quickly will go quickly, anything that takes longer to build will keep longer. That is indicative of price as well: when you want longer term thicker skin, then you are better off getting something like that because it is a higher quality technology so therefore the equipment is more expensive and therefore the treatment is more expensive.



This is commonly said to us in the clinic and normally when people mention that, it has got to do with the eyes.

I look tired and worn out, what can I do?
We would recommend something like a muscle relaxant to help soften the lines around the eyes. Sometimes the eyes are looking dark and hallow underneath which will require derma fillers to thicken that area and lift it back up because you have lost tissue in that region, through the normal aging process.Other treatments are those that can thicken the skin and improve the quality of the skin and improve the crepey-ness and fine lines and the cris-crossy type lines around the eyes: I would recommend PRP or Thermage eye treatment. A good treatment for tiredness is a combination treatment like Thermage with a combination of a muscle relaxant and a little bit of filler underneath will give you an amazing freshen up around your eyes and have you looking like you have just come back from a holiday!

I always find that combination treatments give the best results. A little bit of this, a little bit of that will give you a much better and natural looking result than just going in with one big treatment- particularly when you are tired-looking. With the tired looking eyes it will all come back again to which part of the eyes are making them look tired and what we cover in our consult- is it underneath the eyes that makes them look tired? Is that because it is heavy lined? or is it because it is hollowing? We will recommend and treat, to meet what your desired outcome.



What can I do for sagging skin?
This can be a combination of treatments depending on the quality of your skin. We need to look the skin because the skin helps hold everything in place. We consider derma fillers to help the cheek go up into place because we tend to lose our cheeks; our face’s main structural component. Other treatments in regards to contouring and tightening skin to help reverse gravity a little bit is Thermage treatments. The three things I will look at during our consult are: the quality of the skin to thicken it, Thermage, and/or fillers to hold everything back up again. We would decide which is the best and most appropriate treatment in a consultation once we figure out what the client is trying to achieve.



The cranky look is caused by the two lines in between your eyebrows which deepen and become ‘fixed’ as we age. They are sometimes called, your ‘elevens’.

I look cranky, what treatment should I have?
Treatment is muscle relaxant because those two lines are caused by muscle movement. If we relax the muscle that causes that movement then those lines will then soften or completely go and you will have a more relaxed look and look less cranky.



I look so wrinkly, how can you help?
In the consultation we will specify what you really mean by being wrinkly and which area you feel is of greatest concern. Our options and recommendations come from here. If it is around the eyes it would be something like PRP or Thermage Eye Treatment. For the neck we would look at Klereskaor skin needling. If it was the face, we would look at what other issues are present on the face so that we could achieve a result that you want…it will a much bigger result than just one thing. Essentially, nearly any treatment in our menu would help with wrinkly skin but overall my personal picks for wrinkly skin are Thermage, Klereskaand PRP.



How can I treat my dull skin?
Dull skin is quite easily fixed because it is caused usually by using skin care that is not suitable for your skin type. We can rectify that with the appropriate skin care; that would be a half an hour consultation to see what you are doing, what your lifestyle is and advising on the appropriate skin care. Sometimes there is a time constraint because you want to deal with dull skin because of an upcoming event. In this case I would recommend Clear & Brilliant, the Permea Treatment because that refreshes the skin instantly and after a week it's going to look amazing. If you don't have any major issues but you just feel like your skin is not as great as it normally is that would be the two treatment options during our consultation: Effective skin care and Permea.



What is the treatment for Red or Ruddy Skin?
This is a similar question to our blotchy skin section above. If it is from rosacea, then it is Klereska. If it is due to enlarged dilated capillaries around the nose, then I would recommend IPL nose treatment around the nose just to shut those vessels down. If it is general redness all over the face I would do a Klereskarejuvenation or a series of skin needling treatments. If it is just light redness that is not too obvious, then it may be a series of OmniLight. Occasionally, it is just about the top layer of your skin not behaving normally; this could be a series of facials where we're repairing the top layer of the skin.

Regardless of your skin issues, come see us for a consultation and we can start your treatment today. We ALWAYS take the cost of the consultation from your chosen treatment so it really is worth understanding and being in control of choosing the right treatment to achieve the outcome that you both want, and are able to have, with your skin and lifestyle.


You’re in good hands with the team at Skin Matters Burleigh Heads. Our team of qualified Health Professionals can assist and guide you with the right treatment options available. Give us a call today to discuss what’s right for you!