Skin Care Advice

24 Jul 2012 10:00 AMSam Keim

Wondering why you have spent endless amounts of cash on skin care products that don’t work and you don’t really understand what they were meant to do in the first place? It is really important to use products that are prescribed for your individual skin complaint and that you understand why it will benefit your skin type.

There are simply so many brands and products on the market, really how is anyone meant to know whats what?

Firstly you need to understand the difference between cosmetic and cosmeceutical. A cosmetic is a product that sits on top of the skin to enhance the look of the skin. A cosmeceutical is the next step up, however, just under a pharmaceutical and they include biologically active ingredients. A biologically active ingredient is a compound that has scientific evidence that it has a biological effect on the skin or skin cells, or a drug-like effect. Some active ingredients are in fact pharmaceuticals, or prescription topical creams but in higher dosages of that in a cosmeceutical product.

At Skin Matters we have trawled through the copious amounts of scientific literature to find what active ingredients are useful and have evidence to support their claims. Not only do you have to consider what active ingredients will be of benefit to your skin, you also need an understanding of how the active ingredient is delivered. This has an amazing effect on the results. For example if you have a product that has a high percentage of an active ingredient but is delivered in a substance that does not allow it to penetrate the skins surface then the strength does not do you much good! It is also important what other products it is combined with, just like taking prescription medicines, if you take a few at once they might interact and this may increase or decrease the efficacy of the product.

As a client of Skin Matters all of this is of no concern to you, we have done all the hard work for you. All you need to do is come in for a consultation and this will all be explained to you and the appropriate products are available for your skin type and complaint.

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Sam Keim RN