Say goodbye to acne

Discover a treatment with high safety and efficacy

We understand that facing life with acne can be heart breaking. Kleresca® was developed specifically to improve your acne, restore your complexion and help you gain more confidence.

Kleresca® harnesses the breakthrough power of Biophotonics to safely and effectively treat your acne. It also stimulates the repair of scarring by encouraging the buildup of collagen in the skin. Kleresca® uses a high intensity lamp together with a photo converter gel to kill bacteria and stimulate your skin's own repair systems in a pleasant uncomfortable way.

If you have acne, Kleresca® may be a suitable solution for you even if your acne is severe. The treatment has shown a high safety and efficacy in clinical trials.

Kleresca® is it easy and convenient acne treatment, it only takes approximately nine minutes.


See and feel the difference

You'll appreciate Kleresca® for its comfortable experience. Administered twice a week for six weeks, you should see noticeable improvement to your skin as the deeper layers respond and skin repairing occurs during the acne treatment course. For at least six weeks after your treatment, you can expect to see additional improvements to your complexion. Results have been seen to have a long lasting effect. Advantages of Kleresca® included;

  • No more trade-offs when it comes to safety and efficacy
  • Pleasant and comfortable experience
  • Multi-action treatment that tackles affected areas while stimulating the repair of acne scars by encouraging the buildup of collagen in the skin
  • Little to no down time after treatment
  • Long lasting effect

See you behind the acne

Kleresca® biophotonic treatment is a unique light conversion system that is not like any other light treatment. It uses multi-wavelength LED lights combined with a special photo converter gel, allowing the light to penetrate deeper into your skin to kill bacteria and initiate repair of the scars by encouraging collagen build-up.

The Kleresca® gel is applied to your face and then illuminated with the Kleresca® lamp. After only nine minutes, the gel is removed from your skin. That's it then you can get back to your day on your way to a clearer more radiant you.

In clinical trials, Kleresca® maintained a high safety record with no serious adverse events.

Kleresca® demonstrated high efficacy, even in all people with moderate to severe acne. 9/10 people saw an improvement to their skin. Where are you every third person reached clear all almost clear skin making Kleresca® the clear choice if you're looking to triumph over your acne








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