Our MISSION is about HOLISTIC HEALTH and we are creating a SKIN and ANTI-AGING hub. We want to grow with a team of specialists; everyone working TOGETHER to achieve an HOLISTIC result for the client!


Our team CARE, we LISTEN and are RESPECTFUL to each



As a team, we realised very quickly that we cannot look after skin without looking after someone’s gut. Desha joined our Skin Matters HUB as she specialises in gut health and helping people correct their food choices, based on science. Like the rest of us, Desha is serious about her science and passionate about sharing her knowledge. When she is not working with our clients, you will find her hanging out with her kids.



If our clients are in pain, then Tim is the person they go to – he really can fix anything whether from injury or age. To work with, Tim is exactly what you would expect; his ‘let’s fix it’ attitude flows through everything he does. What we are really excited about though, is Tim’s alternative skills. His aromatic medicine knowledge is astounding and he can produce a blend for any purpose.



Lydia has recently joined our Skin Matters team to bring her clinical professionalism to our clients, for cosmetic procedures. We love working with Lydia; she is very smart and focused on achieving the best outcome, in the most efficient way. You will find her constantly learning her craft, whether that’s in fillers, meso therapy, or PRP. Lydia believes that biological age is more than chronological age.




We are a TEAM of highly professional INDIVIDUALS with one common trait;
the DESIRE to CONSISTENTLY learn and be BETTER than the person we were yesterday.