You became a nurse because you like helping people and making people feel good. We have the best team! Meet some of them here and find out who we are and how we work together.



Our goal is to be the number one employer on the Gold Coast for clinical professionals who are passionate about making a positive change to our client’s lives. Our team are our greatest asset and we do things differently.



At Skin Matters our PROFESSIONALISM and desire to
SEE PAST what’s on the surface, is EVERYTHING



I’m a registered nurse and have been for 20 years, having worked in palliative care, psychiatry, cancer wards and pharmaceuticals. I decided to get into skin because as a mum, I was looking for a 9-5 job, which is very hard in nursing. I first found cosmetic nursing but then, because of family history, I headed into acne and eczema, then anti-aging, rosacea, dry skin, perioral dermatitis and most complicated skin conditions. Being a nurse is who I am and so creating a Hub was important to me. A Hub where women could come because of the issues they could see, but we could treat holistically to enable them to live their best possible life. Our team has come together because science, professional development and a genuine interest in our client’s lives are our passion. There is no one that does what we do here, this is cosmetic dermatology; providing solutions for people and getting results.
These pages are about our team and they are about you. Find out for yourself if your future belongs with ours.



We utilise the opportunity of cosmetic injections to SUPPORT
Our client's OVERALL health