Living with Acne

Anyone who has suffered from acne will tell you it’s a painful experience; not only due to the aching lesions but also for the emotional toll it takes every single day when you are dealing with it.


Every day in the clinic, I hear: “I’ve just had enough, it’s wearing me down”, “I don’t want to come out of my room”, “I don’t want to go to school”, “my friends don’t look like this”, “I’m jealous of my friends skin and that makes me feel worse”, “ive got my formal coming up and I just want my pictures to look good”, “I just want to look like everyone else”... most times though in the consultation, they just cry...

And I know you have been here too... you have spent so much money, you’ve tried everything, you’ve had constant and unsolicited advice from pretty much everyone... everything only works for a little bit and now you’ve just had enough

...don’t worry, I’m going to sort it for you. You give me all your stress and worry, its my job to take all of that now.


Acne Treatment

The problem with treating Acne is that there is not one single thing, that causes it. Acne comes from what you put in your body, what activities you do, your skin type and even the habits you have.

Most of the treatments you will have tried to date will purely centre around cleaning the skin surface or changing your diet... but there is so much more to it than that.

Achieved through 6 week in-clinic treatment followed by at-home maintenance program


It's all about Education

From the initial consultation, right through each treatment you have, we will be talking about you and your tailored path to clear skin and no marks and bumps.


Treating Your Acne

The primary focus for us in treating your Acne is to give you:

  • increased self esteem
  • reduced redness and scarring.

The treatment process varies for each client, however, most acne sufferers are advised to commence a minimum 4 week treatment program.

Acne treatment is a process, it has taken a while for your skin to get to this state and it is going to take a while, to return your clear healthy skin. If there is an event in particular that you would like to feel confident in your skin for, ideally we would start 6 months out, however we have been able to achieve a vast difference in skin quality and tone within 3 months of treatment. Our recommendation is that the sooner you commence the program, the better the outcome for you.

We are not a beauty clinic; it’s not about having a treatment a month for ever. We look at solving the problem of your skin so that you The program we follow is

  1. a 60 minute one to one consultation with our skin nurse
  2. your individual and customised treatment plan
  3. specialised acne education program
  4. camouflage make-up consultation
  5. 6 weeks in, we do a review of your skin and the treatment plan
  6. Your at-home maintenance program focused on your lifestyle and homecare

We will get you up and running with the clear skin you covet and educate you so that you can manage and maintain your skin at home on your own….knowing that you have the confidence for if you have a set-back, we are here to get you back on track.

For us, the long term goal is not only seeing a reduction in acne lesions & decreased scars, but effective home management of Acne with minimal in-clinic maintenance required. Our aim is to achieve a 75-80% reduction in lesions and redness


You’re in good hands with the team at Skin Matters Burleigh Heads. Our team of qualified Health Professionals can assist and guide you with the right treatment options available. Give us a call today to discuss what’s right for you!