Acne Treatment

The primary focus in treating Acne is to: 

  • increase self esteem

  • reduce scarring.

The treatment process does vary for each client, however, most acne sufferers are advised to commence a 4 week treatment program. The skin is assessed at 6 weeks followed by a maintenance program.

The long term goal not only being a reduction in acne lesions & decreased scars, but effective home management of Acne with minimal in clinic maintenance required. Aiming to achieve a 75-80% reduction in lesions and redness


What’s included in your acne treatment program

Your acne treatment program will include:

60-minute one-on-one diagnostic consultation with Sam Keim Registered Nurse. The aim of your diagnostic consultation is to determine your suitability for our acne treatment programmes. 

  • Customised treatment plan
  • Prescribed skin care programme
  • Specialised acne education
  • Camouflage make-up consultation


Acne Treatment Program 1- Isolaz & Omnilux

Skin Matters offers an introductory acne treatment program for teenagers and adults who suffer from chronic acne. The program runs over four weeks, and is designed to provide a powerful kick-start to improve your skin – without the need for aggressive medications. This Programme utilises the technology of Blue Light in 2 high tech devices, Isolaz and Omnilux. The four week course includes a session per week for 4 weeks combined with an at home treatment programme. This programme has been very successful in the treatment of adult acne, particularly those whom suffer with PCOS and Endometriosis. 


Acne Treatment Program 2 - Kleresca

Our second programme runs over a 6 week period, utilising the latest technology in the treatent of acne. This programme is also a powerful kick start to improve your skin without aggresive medications and is particularly useful in the treatment of teenagers, whom find sticking with a home care skin care routine a challange. The 6 week course required 2 sessions per week for 6 weeks a total of 12 treatments. The added advantage of this treatmen is that only a basic home care routine is required from the patient. In addition the treatemtn targets all 3 phases of acne skin treatemtns, Phase 1:Active lesions,  Phase 2: Inflammation and Phase 3: Scarring. Making this a very comprehensive treatemtn option. 

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