Meet The Team



Sam Keim – Founder of Skin Matters 

As a Registered Nurse, I was motivated to open a boutique skin clinic tailored to specific client needs.

I’ve been a registered nurse for 20 years, having worked in palliative care, psychiatry, cancer wards and pharmaceuticals. I decided to get into skin because as a mum of 3, I was looking for a 9-5 job, which is a challenge in nursing. I first found cosmetic nursing but then, because of family history, I headed into acne and eczema, the progression into anti-aging came naturally and my love of helping patients drove me into rosacea, dry skin, perioral dermatitis and most skin conditions.

Being a nurse is who I am and so creating a Hub was important to me. A Hub where women could come because of the issues they could see, but we could treat holistically to enable them to live their best possible life. Our team has come together because science, professional development and a genuine interest in our client’s lives are our passion. There is no one that does what we do here, this is cosmetic dermatology, providing solutions for people and getting results.

Through our work at Skin Matters, we provide non-invasive skin care solutions to help people of all ages to realise their skin’s potential from the inside out. 



Lidija Vaupotic, hails from the beautiful European country of Slovenia and moved to the Gold Coast in 2005 where she studied Nursing at Griffith University. Lydia joined the Skin Matters Team in January 2017. She has more than 9 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse in the Cardiac Unit and Day Surgery Units of Pindara Hospital and over 12 years’ experience within the health care sector.

She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing and is focused on providing clients with advice on how to look refreshed and natural with the variety of treatments that are provided in our clinic. She is committed to on-going cosmetic-dermatology professional development to ensure her clients have the most current skin and treatment advice to achieve natural results. 

Lydia is our go to Aesthetic Injector in house and performs all injectable treatments on our staff. Treatments she loves include Thermage, Kleresca Rejuventation and PRP. Lydias personal philosophy focuses on treating the facial ageing process holistically and not just treating wrinkles. 

Lydia is skilled at Skin Analysis with our Scientific Pastiche Skin Diagnotic Device, it is one of the new generation of professional diagnostic tools. Perfect for quantifying skin types and skin conditions. 

Measures the 4 primary parameters of the skin to determine skin health and risk factors for pigmentation:
* Lipid (epidermic Lipids)
* Hydration (free water of the epidermis)
* Erythema (vascular mat density)
* Melanin density & phototype 

With a Skin Anaylsis from Lydia she can accurately advise on the most effective skincare for you. 

dannielle mcnamara – Skin & lash technician

Dannielle joined the Skin Matters Team May 2017 to support our Nurses in the provision of skin treatments to our Clients. Since then Dannielle has shown a gift for treating Acne and Dry & Sensitive skin types. She holds a Diploma in Dermaviduals Dermatological Skin Care Product Knowledge Course.

Dannielle Specialises in all the Dermavidual Skin Treatments which cater to Dry Acne, Sensitve Skin, Very Dry & Dehydrated Skin, Eczema and Rosacea Skin Treatments.  

Dannielle performs all our Non-Medical IPL Hair Removal Services.

In addition to these, she is experienced at Isolaz and Kleresca Acne Treatments and performs our Teenage Skin Clean Facial for Skin Hygiene catering to our non-acne teen with normal teenage pimples. 

Dannielle is passionate about Make-up and provides our Acne & Rosacea Clients with Camoflage Make-up techniques, using our Lycogel and Satori Mineral Ranges.

She also provides tuition on how to quickly & easily apply make up to our busy mum clients. 

Dannielle also has a passion for Brows & Lashes, and is a highly skilled at Brow Sculpting.

One of her greatest passions is Lash extensions, performed with Light Silk Lashes to create natural volume, without damaging the existing lash. 

Dannielle also performs Ear Piercing at Skin Matters. 


Dr Desha Welsh – Hormonal Nutritionist & Health Scientist

Desha like Lydia is of European background, from the Authentic Mediterranean country of Croatia. She has completed her PhD in human physiology/endocrinology at Zurich University in Swizerland, majoring in Immunology. She moved to Australia via Spain in 2008, where she completed her Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University. Dr Desha is now pround to call herself an Australian Citizen, residing on the Southern Gold Coast. 

Desha provides expert advise in a very unique consultation, where the focus is on understanding your individual needs and educating you. Deshas motto is " knowledge is power" She gives you the knowledge so you have the power to heal yourself. Therefore Desha does not believe in meal plans or dieting. 

Health concerns Desha Specialises in:

  • Female Hormonal Health - PCOS, Endometriosis, Pre & Post Menopause & Fertility Planning
  • Stress & Adrenal Health - Emotional Eating, Fatigue. 
  • Thyroid Health - Slow Metabolism, Low Energy, Mood Swings & Weight Management.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition - Rosacea & Eczema
  • Gut Health - Constipation, IBS, SIBO, Food Allergy & Sensitivities.


josie smith – clinic co-ordinator

With over 20 years experience in Front Office and Administration, Josie ensures all clients appointments run smoothly and efficiently with the highest of standards. With her welcoming persona Josie is your first point of contact when contacting the clinic. You will be amazed at how she will always remember you name and face, even if its been awhile between vistis. 



You’re in good hands with the team at Skin Matters Burleigh Heads. Our team of qualified Health Professionals can assist and guide you with the right treatment options available. Give us a call today to discuss what’s right for you!